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Marigold is quickly becoming England’s premier PCO and prestige car hire and replacement vehicleservice due to our fantastic customer service and the amazing variety of vehicles we have to offer on any given day.

We also offer first class Credit Car Hire and Vehicle Recovery, PCO Credit Hire,Replacement Vehicles & Storage all over London to help get you out of a bind.


Need a Car?

Replacement Vehicle: We can typically provide you with a replacement vehicle very similar to your own, allowing you to get back to your normal routine. We offer a wide range of small, saloon, MPV (people Carrier), prestige, taxi-plated and PCO vehicles to suit your needs exactly.

We will bring it to your door! Contact us today!


Qualified Legal Representative

We would be happy to appoint one of our panel of solicitors to process your hire claimand other losses effectively and efficiently.

We can even provide a qualified legal representative!


Have You Been Established?

Marigold Services Ltd. was established in 2016 in the very heart of London, near Stratford. In a mere handful of years, we’ve managed to gain the confidence and trust of our customers due to our professionalism, our experienced staff and our extensive knowledge of market trends.

We imagine

you have a few questions

Of course you do. We’ve answered as many as we can of the sot common questions asked by visitors to the site here. If you don’t find the answer to your question, or if you would like to discuss your needs with us directly, simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to attend you personally.

When should I get a credit hire vehicle?

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and want a replacement vehicle then a credit hire vehicle is most likely appropriate if:

  • The accident was not your fault.
  • Your own vehicle is legally unroadworthy
  • You do not have any other vehicle to use
  • You cannot afford to get your vehicle repaired

If all the above conditions are true then you should consider getting a credit hire vehicle to continue your routine work.

What is credit hire and how much will I have to pay for it?

Credit hire is when you’re given a replacement car, but no money changes hands until the hire is over. If you weren’t at fault for an accident, your insurer may offer you a credit hire car, and plan to claim the costs back from a third-party insurer.

Marigold services recovers all the hire charges from the at-fault party’s insurance company, so you may not need to pay any charges. But we will need your help to process the claim.

What should I do if I don’t have enough storage space to store my damaged car?

We have a highly secured and well-organized vehicle storage service. If you need to store your damaged car, let us know and we will make arrangements to pick up and store your vehicle in our well-protected storage site. It is monitored 24/7 with CCTV cameras.

How will I be updated about the progress of my claim?

Our highly specialized claim handlers will update you regularly you through SMS or email throughout the claim and/or via calls in case of emergency.

What type of vehicle will I receive as a credit hire car?

We have a variety of hire vehicles, both PCO and non-PCO. Typically, we provide a like to like vehicle as a replacement*. E.g. if you have a small vehicle, we will offer the same. If you have a prestige car, you will be given a prestige car and so on.
*Please note that it is subject to availability of the vehicles in the fleet.

What documents need to be filled out for car replacement?

For replacement car, the hire agreement & delivery/collection short term rental agreement, storage agreement (if provided), and statement of truth for impecuniosity will need to be filled in and signed. Further, you will be requested to provide driving and vehicle documents along with any other documents required by the third party insurance company.

How does Marigold Services Ltd cover its costs?

Marigold Services Ltd is a specialised Credit hire company with the ability to process claims and send the bill to the insurance company of the driver at-fault on your behalf.

How much time does it take to receive a replacement vehicle?

If your vehicle is un-roadworthy (off the road) and if you have completed all the paperwork, we can typically provide a replacement car to you in the same working day. In case of any long-distance issue, we still typically deliver the vehicle within 24 hours.

Who will process my claim?

Our in-house teams of specialized claim handlers will process your case.

So, what sets marigold apart from other car vehiclehire and replacement services?

At Marigold Services Ltd, we’re known for our performance. We always deliver what we promise, and we can make some pretty impressive promises. We are specialized in providing both PCO and non-PCO hire vehicles whether it is PCO or non-PCO, as well as in giving our clients all of the support they may need to managing their claims quickly and efficiently. Our efficient, well-trained staff can assist you in making a successful claim for credit hire, vehicle damages, and even recovery and storage.


Tell me more about your PCO andprestige car replacement service.

Our PCO and Prestige Car Hire Team has been specially selected and trained to provide proactive and personalized prestige car replacement car hireservices. You’ll be as delighted with our customer serviceon your first interaction with us as you will be when you hand back the keys. We’ll do everything we can to make your experience an unforgettable one.

Delivery and Collection

Our bespoke delivery service allows us to deliver your vehicle and keys straight to you, at a time and place which suits you best. Our flexible delivery and collection policies are just one of our many customizable and professional services.


What is Credit Car Hire, anyway?

Credit car hire is how we arrange for you to have a replacement car following an accident. The key difference between credit car hire and standard car hire is that no money changes hands until the hire is over.

If you weren’t at fault for an accident and your vehicle is un-roadworthy or being repaired, your insurer may offer you a credit car hire with the intent to claim the costs back from a third-party insurer – typically that of the at-fault driver.

In essence, a hire vehicle is given on credit. We then recover our costs directly from the insurer of the person at fault for the accident. So in most cases, the individual who had the hire car never pays the bill.

So the at-fault party pays for it all?

Generally, yes. A claim for car hire charges is only executed toward the at-fault party’s insurance.

Once we make sure that the accident is a non-fault one, the damaged vehicle is examined and stored at the preferred garage and the cost of hire and other expenses are collected, from the neglectful driver’s insurance company without you ever having to be directly involved.

And I’ll get a suitable vehicle in the mean time?

We can offer “like-for-like” hire because we feel it’s the best way to look after our customers. The way credit hire works is that the company will provide you with a replacement car and have you sign for it. Once the hire is over, we will send an invoice for the daily charges over to the insurer of whoever was at fault for the accident.

Ready to get back on the road?

We’re ready and able to get you int a suitable vehicle straight away. We’d love to discuss your needs. Simply contact us today and we’ll attend you personally as soon as possible.


Tell me more about your vehicle recovery and storage services.

We make it our responsibility to keep you safe and secure by employing only the best and most thoroughly vetted working professionals to recover your vehicle.

Our highly trained Recovery and Storage team works 24/7 to ensure prompt response when you call. We’ll store your vehicle at a convenient location for repair while our replacement vehicle keeps you moving.

We offer secure 24 hours covered vehicle storage at various locations nationwide where damaged vehicles cannot pose a risk or hazard to other road users, be they drivers or pedestrians. Damaged vehicles can be kept in secure storage whilst awaiting repairs, inspection or claim resolution.

Vehicle disposal:

In case of a repairable damage, we can obtain authority and arrange repairs to your vehicle through our authorized repair garages. However, if your vehicle has been damaged beyond the point where repairs are economical, we can arrange for your vehicle to be disposed of at no extra charge.

We’re ready to look after the whole process for you.

We would love to discuss your needs directly. Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to attend you personally.

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