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PCO or non-PCO along with assisting client

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Specialized in providing hire vehicles whether it is PCO or non-PCO along with assisting clients in managing their claims throughout. Efficient staff who assist you in making a successful credit hire claim, vehicle damages, recovery and storage.

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Recovery & Storage

At Marigold Services Ltd., highly trained professionals work 24/7 to ensure prompt response to store your vehicle at a convenient location for repair while our replacement vehicle keeps you moving. We can provide secure 24 hour covered vehicle storage at various locations nationwide where damaged vehicles cannot pose a risk or hazard to other road users, be they drivers or pedestrians. Damaged vehicles can be kept in secure storage whilst awaiting repairs, inspection or claim resolution.

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Recovery Storage

Slips Trips and Falls

Slips Trips Falls Slips trips and falls are quite prevalent and are most common in public and work places. The worst of these kind of accidents...


Credit Hire Car

Credit Hire Car Credit hire car is when you’re given a replacement car following an accident, but no money changes hands until the hire is...


Accident Management

What is an Accident Management? Accident management is the centralized handling of a motorist’s claim following a road traffic accident or other damages or mishaps that happen to a...


Accident at Work

Accident at Work? An accident at work is an unintended (but usually not unforeseeable) incident that usually occurs because of the way work is being...


Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage At Vehicle Storage your car is likely to be one of the most valuable and functional things that you own, and it’s really...


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