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Prestige Car Hire

What is Prestige Car Hire?

Prestige Car Hire Customer Service

Our staff is selected and trained to provide you with a prestige car hire, proactive and personalized service from your first interaction with us to when you hand back in your keys. We put all our efforts to make your experience an unforgettable one.

Our Delivery and Collection Services

Our bespoke delivery service means we can deliver the vehicle and keys straight to you, at a time and place which suits you best. Our flexible delivery and collection policies are just one of our many customizable and professional services we can offer you with your luxury car hire.

Our Exceptional Services

Apart from prestige car hire services we are also offering some exceptional luxury services to make your dreams come true.

Chauffeur Service

We have employed chauffeurs to drive your luxury cars and make your experience worth enjoying.

Luxurious Modes of Traveling

We proudly introduce to you our ultra-luxurious services that include:

Helicopter Service

For adventure, safaris, rescue, crop dusting.

Jets and Charters

For a lavish flying experience for a larger number of people.

Luxurious Yachts

To make you experience the adventure of yachting at the highest possible level of service.





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