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Credit Car Hire

Credit Car Hire


Credit car hire is when you’re given a replacement car following an accident, but no money changes hands until the hire is over. If you weren’t at fault for an accident and your vehicle is un-roadworthy or being repaired, your insurer may offer you a credit car hire and plan to claim the costs back from a third-party insurer i.e. the one at fault. So, in actual sense credit hire is when a hire vehicle is given on credit, but rather than paying upfront for hire charges, the company giving the hire vehicle provides credit for the charges being accrued. The company then recovers its costs directly from the insurer of the person at fault for the accident. So in most cases, the individual who had the hire car never pays the bill.

Many insurers offer “like-for-like” hire because they feel it’s the best way to look after their customers. The way credit hire works is that the company will provide you with a replacement and have you to sign for it. Once the hire is over, they’ll send an invoice for the daily charges over to the insurer of whoever was at fault for the accident.

What Do We Do?

We as a principal accident management company offering a large fleet of modern vehicles to provide hire on credit in case of a non-fault accident. Most of the vehicles are new or not used for more than a few years including all kinds of luxury and executive cars. We specialize in providing credit vehicles either it is PCO (Public Carriage Office) or non PCO (Non-Public Carriage Hire) cars. Our trained staff helps our clients in making successful Credit Car Hire claims, vehicle damages and storage and recovery from the at-fault party. At Marigold Services Ltd, we are offering all the accident management services like Vehicle recovery, storage, replacement car, damage inspection, closely and highly professional liaising with insurers and other parties’ involved and recovery of all the losses following a road traffic collision/accident.

We not only assist the non-fault party in road accidents but also our team provides advice to everyone involved in the incident to resolve it legally and without any hassle. Our team of experts is highly professional and deals in accident management in a customer-oriented way to ensure that they get back to the road within no time after an unfortunate incident. At Marigold Services Ltd, we have a great deal of experience in dealing with credit hire claims and we advise you on all aspects of the process. So feel free to contact us by any of the available methods for further information.

Some Points to Remember

Some important points should be kept in mind while getting any credit hire vehicle. If you have enough money to get your vehicle repaired then you might not need to get a car on credit hire. On the other hand, if you do not have enough money to get your vehicle repaired, then you should definitely go for Credit Car Hire vehicle rather than claiming through your own insurance providers. Most importantly, we do not assist at-fault parties and do not offer them credit hires. Companies like Marigold Services only help the not at fault parties in the best possible way to ensure their comfort and complete peace of mind.

We offer an instant Credit Car Hire while storing yours in our garage or storage. This way, the cost of excess charges can be saved in the first step. You will only need to report your insurance provider about the accident and the credit rental provider can do the rest of the job well for you. But if you decide to claim through your insurance provider instead of a credit leasing company, they may require you to pay the excess fee and can affect your claim bonus and future premium may also accumulate. Therefore, the wise decision is to choose Marigold Services Ltd for Credit Car Hire vehicle replacement.

How Is the Claim Executed?

A claim for car hire charges is only executed toward at fault client insurance. A credit hire agreement is to be signed while providing a replacement vehicle. We happily replace your vehicle if you demand it. We empower you for like to like replacement vehicle if you have been affected in a non-fault accident.

Once we make sure that the accident is a non-fault one, the damaged vehicle is examined and stored at the preferred garage and the cost of hire and other expenses are collected, spontaneously from the neglectful driver’s insurance company.


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