specialized in providing hire vehicles whether it is
PCO or non-PCO along with assisting client

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Need a car, we will bring it at your door!

Specialized in providing hire vehicles whether it is PCO or non-PCO along with assisting clients in managing their claims throughout. Efficient staff who assist you in making a successful credit hire claim, vehicle damages, recovery and storage.

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Recovery & Storage

At Marigold Services Ltd., highly trained professionals work 24/7 to ensure prompt response to store your vehicle at a convenient location for repair while our replacement vehicle keeps you moving. We can provide secure 24 hour covered vehicle storage at various locations nationwide where damaged vehicles cannot pose a risk or hazard to other road users, be they drivers or pedestrians. Damaged vehicles can be kept in secure storage whilst awaiting repairs, inspection or claim resolution.

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Prestige Car Hire

Provide prestige cars for cash hire such as, Porsche, BMW, Audi etc. We offer a range of prestige cars for those who are looking to add an extra layer of luxury to the occasion.


Credit Hire

We as one of the leading hire provider in East London are known for facilitating our clients with, credit hire for PCO and non- PCO vehicles.



We take it as our responsibility to keep you safe and secure and employ only the best working professionals to recover your vehicle in case of an accident.


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